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999, My Heart Has Been Robbed

First off, a few disclaimer notes that ought to be pointed out before I proceed with this post. I’m a complete novice in this field of journalism and food photography. I base my writing solely upon my instinct and photography from my unique angles. Looking on the bright side of things is my approach towards life. On that note, most, if not all, my views will display positive attributes of the venue in question. I am merely sharing my experience and that I am by far, not a professional restaurant/café review expert. Consumer advice is highly likely to be added and the prime basis of this section is to share my thoughts and perspective with everyone.


So without further blabbering, let’s move on to the juicy bit. I paid a courtesy visit to the Breakfast Thieves café , KL , located just beside the brilliant Pulp by Papa Palheta. I must say, my first impression was fabulous! I got the sense that I had escaped the bustle and noise of Malaysia and teleported to an urban-centric setting where sounds of the everyday working class and city folk meet to share stories of their kids and what their boss had for dinner last night. Though it shares many similarities with it’s sister café located in Fitzroy , Melbourne , this outlet definitely has it’s own personality which is highly distinctive and unique from the equally awesome Breakfast Thieves in Melbourne.


Let There Be Light


The interior was what got me jumping the throughout my visit to the good people of Thieves. The glasshouse concept that they were going for, made me feel like a green plant welcoming the natural sunlight for photosynthesis. It made me break a smile, from an already hectic morning. Which was weird. I don’t get to smile as such. Its as if someone pulled my muscles upward to form a smile, only this was extremely natural. There’s a cozy little corner in the café that is perfect for a couple to sit and gaze into each other’s eyes, with a cup of coffee in hand and warm natural light shining through the window. Fabulous!


Morning Feed, All Day !


The Legend & Mr. Terry Benedict. Common trait? Well, simply said, it was eggs-celent. Judging from my intended pun, you could tell that both dishes were based on eggs and you can tell that quality control was the aim of the game. They won with flying colours!

The Legend

The Legend

The Legend consist of spicy baked eggs with chunky beef salami, okra, caramelized onion jam, mushroom, sweet corn, basil oil with herbed garlic toast. Priced at RM25.00 , The Legend displayed great structure and presentation, however value is questionable but understandable. Not too sure if to take it as a marketing stunt or otherwise, but the portion was a bit of a let down. Probably due to my hunger state at that point but nonetheless, I enjoyed it.



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Mr. Terry Benedict

Mr. Terry Benedict, 24 hours braised beef cheeks in green peppercorn with smoked paprika charred cauliflower, honey apple compote with yuzu-hollandaise was always a tummy pleaser too. It shared common traits with The Legend, great texture and taste but failed on the overall satisfaction grading. It’s like a Selena Gomez concert without “Who Says” , leaving everyone leaving with tears of despair while looking down upon the ticket they had spent hundreds on thinking to themselves, “What did I just pay for?”. Again, despite the minor let downs, Mr Terry left a wonderful aftertaste, undoubtedly enticing me for another visit to the Breakfast Thieves.


The Cowell (Simon) Verdict

Overall, The Breakfast Thieves has definitely captured the essence of Melbourne very well and displayed it in a very urban fashion. The service was excellent, almost expected actually. Parking is easy to obtain and that would indisputably be the underlying factor for anyone to visit a place of interest. Check em out today and allow them steal your heart and mind for a brief moment.


Address: Lot M, 29-5 Jalan Riong, Paper Plates, Art Printing Works APW Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. (Located right next to Pulp Bangsar)

Phone: 03-2788-3548

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm Daily. Closed for rest on Monday.




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