Hear Me Out

A Facebook In All Of Us

On February 4th 2004, a global revolution of story telling and networking shocked the human race. This was due to the birth of social networking site Facebook, founded by the brilliant Mark Zuckerberg, left everyone with only more questions than answers. One of many being, “What do I do with this? How do I work the update feature? Who do I poke? Why wouldn’t he/she befriend me? Where do I look for people to hear my stories?” As simple as it sounds, truth be told, there isn’t a straight forward answer. And I think it’s purposely set as such. Because our capabilities are beyond what we perceive it to be.


There is a story in everyone of us. There is a story waiting to be told and shared across the nation and beyond for all sorts of purpose. Primarily to motivate others to do good, to contribute to the society at large. To create a purpose that only they themselves are able to set and most importantly, to add value to life. These are the colours of humanity that can bring absolute faith, restored and reclaimed, from the pessimist and non-believers. And only via stories, that will bring prosperity and calm to a joy-deprived society that is on the brink of losing it.


It could be a story from an experience of the past. After all, our past is the best teacher of life. Or it could be a story made up from thin air. Whatever the source, every story has a life changing ability to everyone. Particularly powerful ones. A string of words to place a soul back on track, derailed from the right path. This formidable tool of civilization is lacking in this compassion-scared world we live in right now. I call upon the Gen Y’s and the Millennial league of today, to stand up and make a change for not only for our future, but for our future generation, whom are the warriors of our Earth. Instead of guns and arsenal , education and compassion will win future wars.


So let’s make a difference. Tell your story. Inspire before you retire, for good. And may God bless us all, for all our efforts for the betterment of humanity.

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