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Chong Wei – Showing The Wei To National Unity

Olympic Badminton Semi-Final Match : Chong Wei vs. Lin Dan

Game 3: Lee 20-17 Lin

Three match points for the Malaysian legend. Malaysians all over the world holding their breath. Every living soul was literally glued their television set. With majority of the mamak shops across the nation enjoying almost quadruple sales of Teh’O Ice , we were all tuned in to DLCW’s every motion. His breathing rhythm. His perspiration rate. Almost every single step he made that night at Rio, was carefully narrated by all commentators across the globe.


It was simple, on paper. With three match points and Chong Wei’s #1 World Badminton ranking, it was a no brainer really. His ticket to the Final’s was on his pocket. But no – Lin Dan would threaten to place his hands into Chong Wei’s pocket to snatch that ticket. Point after point until they reached the Deuce stage.


Can he do it? Can he compose himself of all the emotions and weight imposed him by his country? With a Gold Medal drought, the magnitude of the expectation for him to bag the victory has never been as immense as that moment. Amazingly enough, he pulled through. Finally, with the score at 22-20 , DLCW finally buries his rival with a cross-court smash. What a way to win over your close rival of more than 10 years. To irrevocably stash away his dreams of winning a third Gold for his country.

Photo credits to Telegraph.co.uk

Photo credits to Telegraph.co.uk

Dissimilar Skin Colour, Analogous Heart of Malaysians


So, Sports- Love it or hate it, it’s the most profound vehicle for national unity. I’d love to view this as the Invictus of Malaysia. The peers of the realm stood still with one common interest and that is to watch our Legend, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, captivate Malaysia’s first ever Olympic Gold medal. Without going into much depth of the outcome of the Final’s, my focus is purely on how one man, united the nation with his legendary performance.


With Malaysia going through a few rough patches, this is the perfect injection of national patriotism the country needs to push on from the downward spiral the sees no end to it. As a result, DLCW and his fellow comrades shed glimmers of hope for our country.


Importantly, these events of patriotic commemoration unfolded during the month of Malaysia’s independence date. Extremely timely, extremely meaningful for the country. The Olympics has definitely shown it’s primary purpose to us all. And I can’t wait for Tokyo 2020. His competitive mindset was the defining factor behind his glory. Primarily, what is lacking from our national athletes. The warrior characteristics of Datuk Lee Chong Wei.


Will we see DLCW fight on for our nation’s first Gold? Amidst his announcement of retiring from the Olympics, who knows we may see a Phelps-like comeback from our legendary badminton warrior? Never rule out the impossible. Most noteworthy, success is always lurking around the corner.



In conlusion, this is the perfect gift for Malaysia as she turns 59 years old today. To many happy and prosperous moments ahead.



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