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How Nona Told Me To Wok It

In this high tech volatile society we find ourselves in, enslavement to beepers, emails, faxes and phones seem to enforce normative data overload. Stressed out beyond reasonable doubt? Need a quiet retreat from the metropolitan bustle, right in the heart of the city? Look no further than the best coffee hideout in KL, Grind 22, Bangsar!


Tranquility In The Big City

Grind 22 is nestled ever so neatly next to a beautiful fashion boutique, Twenty2 (They sell exquisite items for the modern day fashionista , click on the Twenty2 hyperlink to find out more!) on Lorong Maarof, Bangsar. An exclusive location away from the busy Telawi commercial district, but remains extremely special nonetheless! With a decent amount of parking spaces available, customers are able to enjoy the tranquility and magical space that is Grind 22. Only 5 minutes away from the Bangsar LRT station, you could even grab an Uber from the station and it’d only cost you around RM3.00 ,one-way!


What’s cookin’?

So what you can expect is a marriage made in heaven, but based in Bangsar. What I’m talking about is the brilliant link up between the team of Wok It and Grind 22. Wok It is a kitchen that serves quick and customized meals, cooked fresh in a sizzling wok and served in signature Chinese-like take-out boxes. From over 1200 combinations to choose from, you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing simply because everything looks so good! You may have seen them rather frequently on my Instagram page. Because you know why? It’s absolutely genius! Previously a foodtruck concept F&B outfit, Wok It underwent a brilliant crowd funding campaign which not only raised enough funds to make them permanently infused with Grind 22, but was also able to raise awareness about their product to the market! Talk about marketing, this is a combo worthy of a cover page in Times Magazine!


I serve the drinks; you serve the hot food!

That’s basically it really! The deal, as how I understand it, is that Grind 22 will serve the witty-named yet equally astounding beverages while Wok It shall wok it up in the kitchen, serving the hot meals! BRILLIANT! If they we were a duo contesting in the Olympics, they’d definitely see Gold! This beautiful link-up was successfully completed in the month of February this year. To be honest, it was a success story waiting to be written. Since than, there’s no turning back. For me at least, Grind 22 has been a weekly affair and loving every moment I’m there.



From Grind 22, my personal favourite is the irresistible Nona Latte. They claim it as a “back-to-roots” beverage as it introduces Latte together with gula Melaka syrup (an extract of sap from the budding flower of a date, coconut or sago palm). It leaves a taste that can range between deep caramel and mellow butterscotch, absolutely desirable!

Iced Nona Latte

Iced Nona Latte


From the Wok point of view, my personal favorite combination would be :


White Rice + Salted Egg Sauce + Shrimp + Broccoli & Mushroom


So you’re spoiled for choice? Who wouldn’t when you have carbs ranging from noodles and rice to choose from? Not to mention the special sauces they offer to flavor your meal. And not to mention the proteins available from chicken to squid and vegetables galore!

Oh! Not forgetting their fantastic side orders such as the Chicken Bombs and many more to choose from. It’s worth every headache of selection, I guarantee you!

Wok It + Chicken Bombs

Wok It + Chicken Bombs


Curtain call to order

Listed above are only a selection of many delightful picks that caters to all taste buds of different backgrounds. Let it be for work of leisure, Grind 22 sets a remarkable setting where customers are able to sit back and enjoy wonderful food with wonderful people. Alone? Not to worry! The owners of Grind 22 (Zool, Raqib & Effendy) will definitely be around to keep you company with their warm presence & personalities. They are undoubtedly the force which gives Grind 22 the “home-ly” essence which I must admit, many café’s lack of these days. Nonetheless, it is the approach of operation which drives people in and it seems to work very well with Grind 22.


Final say

What else CAN I say? It’s all down to you to drop by and have a go yourself!


Address: No. 22, Lorong Maarof, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59000


Monday – Thursday:

12:00pm – 10:00pm

 Friday – Saturday:

12:00pm – 1:00am


12:00pm – 10:00pm

Instagram : @grind22bangsar & @wokit.my

Website : www.grind22.com & www.wokit.my





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