Afiq Nazar

Of Forks & Saucers

999, My Heart Has Been Robbed

First off, a few disclaimer notes that ought to be pointed out before I proceed with this post. I’m a complete novice in this field of journalism and food photography. I base my writing solely upon my instinct and photography from my unique angles. Looking on the bright side of things is my approach towards life. On that note, most, if not  ...

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Hear Me Out

A Facebook In All Of Us

On February 4th 2004, a global revolution of story telling and networking shocked the human race. This was due to the birth of social networking site Facebook, founded by the brilliant Mark Zuckerberg, left everyone with only more questions than answers. One of many being, “What do I do with this? How do I work the update feature? Who do I  ...

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Brighter Than Stars

A Heart Of Gold, From Young

My first guest blogger is non other than the impeccable Khairul Azim.  The Founder of creative agency K&A Creatives and social cause infused clothing brand Ménage first took his leap of faith at the age of 19. With the idea of balancing out both his schooling and entrepreneurial life together, he has now formed a creative agency which not  ...

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